Susan Will Take You On A Great Date

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I Know We Are Going TO Be Close Friends

Hey guys! Thanks for looking at my page! My name is Susan and I know that if we go out on a date we are going to be lifelong friends. My very favorite part of living in Vegas is that you get to meet tons of different people from all over the world, and being an escort girl only means that you get to meet even more cool people who you can connect with later in life! Maybe it's that attitude that has gotten me so many repeat customers…or maybe it's my long legs and great breasts…I guess that could be it too :)

Part of my whole spirit of meeting is that I accept any and all dates. There are a few people who I won't see anymore, because of…reasons…but for the most part I have had great experiences on all of my dates and am completely open to having tons of fun with every person who wants to come and have fun with me! Being open to the universe like that makes it so easy to have amazing, one of a kind experiences that I know will never be repeated and I love that. I love knowing that each of my dates is unique for me and my date. Tons of girls can provide you with the same old same old date; that is what Vegas escorts are paid to do. But when you date me, you won't have the same date ever again. I promise.

Hot, open, and tons of fun. That's what I am. When you meet me as your personal Vegas Escort we are going to paint the town red with our companionship and get to know each other better than you have ever known someone before! We are going to meet tons of other people and have fun and learn how to be open to one another, all in the course of our date! That means that we will wind up being lifelong friends; I promise if you go on a date with me then we are going to have another date in the future! See me once, and prove me right!

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