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How are you feeling? A little blue? Why not lay back and let me know exactly how you are feeling while we are on our date? I can be your sexy psychiatrist or nurse and make you feel all better. My name is Raven and I absolutely love to role play. Whether I am dressing up in fun costumes or whether or not I am wearing a wig, I really love to dress up. That might not be the first thing people think when they are looking to enlist the services of a Las Vegas escort, but hey! You are in the sin city! Why not dress up and have a little fun?

My favorite thing to do is to dress up and hit the strip. There is nothing better than going out with a guy who is comfortable enough to dress up to and play while in Las Vegas. After all, you are already using an escort service, you are already in Las Vegas, why not play the fantasy up even more and really have a great time! We could be high rollers on the town and convince everyone to root for us. Or we could be tourists and pretend like everything is happening for the first time. There are tons of different scenarios that we could try out, whatever will suit your fancy. The best is when guys want to do dates around Halloween so we can dress up and go to all kinds of crazy club parties; dressing up is fun, having other people to dress up is more fun! In fact, if you enlist me and one of my favorite friends from the escort service and we can all dress up and have a great time! Dress up bachelor parties are great too, for your information.

If you prefer to stay in I could play nurse and give you a shot, or maybe bring my massage table and show you my very real massage techniques. A lot of Las Vegas escorts pretend like they can give great massages, but most of them are not certified massage therapists! That might not count as role playing, but it sure would be fun, wouldn't it? A little oil, a lot of hard finger work, and you will be feeling way better after our Las Vegas escorts experience than you have ever felt before, I promise.

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