Grace Will Have You Go Wild

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I Can Be Your Lucky Charm

It is the bottom of the ninth. Your favorite baseball team is one run away from winning. We sit in the casino, sitting on the edge of our seats. You have your hand in mine squeezing hard, our glasses half empty by our sides. The anticipation is killing us. The next batter steps up to the plate, a head of sweat runs down everyone's faces. Our hands grip each other tighter and tighter until, thwack! The bat makes contact and the ball soars out of the stadium. The crowd goes wild and we join them; not only did your favorite team win, you won big against slim odds! Now you get to leave Vegas a much richer man! This could be your luck the next time you are in Vegas; that is assuming you choose me as your next Las Vegas escort!

Sure, gambling isn't a hard science. But if you have me, the fabulously gorgeous blonde, I will be your lucky Las Vegas escort charm while you are in the sin city. Every single guy who has ever taken me out on the town has gotten lucky. Whether it was betting on a game or playing the card tables, they always score big. One guy made mega bucks from slot machines, bet it all in roulette and doubled everything he had won talk about good luck! Some of my dates have even taken to calling me the Lucky Legs, since I'm good luck and I have stunningly long legs that I love to show off. After all, Vegas escorts are meant to show off, right? Maybe it's the confidence men get from being with me that makes them so lucky...I am a gorgeous gal, after all. Why not call me up and test the theory?

If you are looking for your next good luck charm give me a ring. We will take those casinos for every penny they have and make the strip rue the day you came across this Las Vegas escort girls' profile. Afterward we can grab a bite to eat, maybe spend all of your winnings on some delicious dessert or room service , your treat, of course. Let's press my luck today and win the jackpot together!

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