Fara An Escort Who Loves To Flirts

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I Know All The Local Secrets, Let Me Show You

Mother Earth to you! This is the universe calling. I feel a fated encounter in the works, are you game enough to answer the call? Or will you defy fate and lose out on the chance of a lifetime?

My name is Fara and I would love to be your Las Vegas escorts destiny. I'm a flower child, a total hippie. I love all things nature and believe the world is our oyster if we are willing to be big enough to accept the gifts of the Great Spirit. Some people think the way I talk is a little kooky, but I want to open your mind and heart up to the world and there is nothing kooky about that.

I love to have dates with guys who are open to trying the alternative style of Las Vegas. You might think it is all glitz and glamour and plastic, but there are tons of spas and holistic healing centers around town. As a Vegas escort I love to take guys to my favorite spas and have nice relaxing dates. Everything else in sin city is so crazy and fast paced that I feel we lose sight of our health and taking care of our bodies. You can't accept the spirits gifts if your body can't listen!

Let me show you the best way to pamper yourself. We can hit the spa and relax, get massages and then go out for some delicious food and maybe see a play and enrich our souls with art. Or we can stay in and I can bring the spa to you. I love to give my dates massages and bring over my candles and oil and really show them all I have to offer about holistic health and accepting the bounty of the universe. I want to be the nourishment amongst the fast foods that are Las Vegas escort girls. I want to guide you into the light and heal you from the inside out. The next time you are looking for a Las Vegas escort but want to skip all of the glitz and glamour of the city, call me. I always pick up the phone when destiny calls, the only question is, will you?

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