Dakota Wants To Do What You Want To Do

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I Will Make You Look Good

Hi there! Welcome to my page! My name is Dakota. I am a bubbly chick with blonde hair, long legs, and light eyes, but you can probably see all of that on my profile picture, lol. I can't wait to be your next escort girl when you are in Las Vegas!

In my spare time I am a stylist. I have a real eye for beauty and love to dress people up and make them look awesome. I have had some fun dates taking guys to get them styled before their buddy’s weddings, or helping ladies really find their shade. That's right, I'm a non-discriminatory Vegas escort! I know that women like to use escort services too, and since I appreciate beauty I have no problem taking ladies out on fun dates :) guys can be beautiful too, so I'm happy with everyone!

On our date we can do something fun like style you and then go out, or we can just go out, it's totally your call. I'm not one of those pushy Las Vegas escorts girls who makes you do whatever she wants. It's not my date, it's our date! Or, more accurately, your date! If you want to hit the casinos and try to win big we can do that. We can also just have a quiet dinner at a nice restaurant or head to the sites in Vegas. As a lover of beauty I am partial to the art galleries and museums, but even just touring the hotels and seeing all of the beautiful decorating techniques can really be something. We can also just stay in and watch a movie or order room service. Maybe we could have a few drinks and talk about life. The possibilities are endlessly beautiful!

The way I see it, people don't choose escort services for no reason. Some guys and gals are having trouble on the dating scene and want a little company. Other times there is a big event, like a wedding or a graduation or something, and they don't want to go alone. I'm not here to judge. Whatever you want, I'm your gal. Call me and we'll go out in style!

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